Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Windows 10 flashing screen after login

A few days ago a customer brought in a windows 10 computer that had a problem with the screen flashing after login.  The screen would flash 20-30 times after login. It would behave normally until a window was opened or a menu accessed, and then the screen would flash 20-30 times again.  I did a lot of searching and the only things that came up were issues with Norton on the 10 preview and video drivers.  My customer's computer didn't have Norton, but I tried removing the anti-virus with no joy.  I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the video drivers to no avail.  In desperation I tried creating a new user and that worked.  I don't know what in her original profile was wrong, but it was clearly something there.  If anyone has come across this issue and found a way to fix it without the hassle of moving profiles please speak up. 

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