Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dentrix G4 in Windows 7

In the past I had an issue installing Dentrix G4 updates on my customer's machines and I found a good blog that described how to get around this.  Unfortunately that blog has gone down, so I am going to recreate that post as best as I can here.

When you install Dentrix G4 on Windows 7 it will go smoothly until you try to apply the G4_7 update.  At that point it will give you an error that says something about the G4_6 update not being installed.  Assuming you have already installed G4_6, here is how you get around this error.

If you go to the Dentrix folder in Program Files you will see a folder called "Tutor4_6".  Renamed this folder to "temp", and the run ep.exe and point it to folder you renamed to temp and click OK.  After this is done you can apply he remaining G4 updates.  Once all the updates are installed run ep.exe again and point it back to your normal dentrix data folder.  That's all there is to it.

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