Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Importing profiles into Thunderbird 38

If you have been using the Lightning add-on for Thunderbird there is good news, as of version 38 Lightning is now included by default.  There is one catch I ran into, and this is definitely an edge case, I recently did a fresh install coming from an older version of the Lightning add-on.  When I copied the profile contents as I had done in the past everything was fine except Lighting was disabled and could not be enabled, I tried removing the add-on and reinstalling it but that did nothing.  While keeping my email is more important, having my calendar working is pretty important too.

Here is how I got it working.  First I went to another computer and installed an old version of Thunderbird and Lighting.  Then I copied my profile into this install, and I exported my calendar.  Then I went back to my main computer and created a new profile; and I imported my calendar file to this new profile.  Then I copied some of the files from my old profile, see screenshot below.  Basically I avoided copying anything related to add-ons, extensions, or calendars.  YMMV, but this has worked for me.

all other files are selected

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