Tuesday, July 14, 2015

You don't need flash: disable it or remove it

Flash has problems and should be removed or disabled.

Disable Flash in Chrome:

If you use Chrome flash is built into the browser, but it can be disabled by going to chrome://plugins and clicking disable next to the flash entry.

If you use Internet Explorer (stop using it) or Firefox you can remove the flash plugins for these browsers by going to "Add/Remove Programs" in the control panel and clicking remove or uninstall.  Keep in mind that there are two different flash plugins one for IE and one for Firefox.  You should remove both.

If for some reason you are a masochist and only want to disable flash on IE or Firefox you can do the following.

Disable Flash in Internet Explorer:

In IE click on the tools menu or gear icon and then click on manage add-ons.  Make sure "Toolbars and Extensions" is highlighted in the left hand pane and you may also have to change the "Show:" drop menu to "show all."  Now highlight the entry for flash and click the disable button in the lower right hand corner of this window.

Disable Flash in Firefox:

In Firefox click on the menu button and then click on add-ons.  On the left hand side of the add-ons page click on plugins.  Then click on the drop down menu for the flash plugin and select never activate.

With all that said I will remind you that the best thing to do is to just remove the flash plugins for IE and Firefox.

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