Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Smart Phone Security

I have seen several stories like this in the past couple weeks.  Most all smart phones are fairly secure by default.  As long as you only use the built in store to install apps you can be 99% certain that the apps are safe.  If you have an iphone you can't install apps any other way; unless it's jailbroken, but if that is the case you know how to take care of yourself.  On android however there is an option that allows an app from any source to be installed if the user elects to do so.  On almost all android phones this box is unchecked by default.  To double check this for yourself go to settings and tap security.  If the box next to unknown sources is unchecked you are good.  Even with this safe guard though, there is no guarantee that some jerk won't find a way around it.  When using a smart phone or tablet if you are prompted to install an app and you are unsure hit back or home and get out of there.


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